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World Hunger and Immigration

The issue that I chose is world hunger, and more specifically why it is topic to comprehend and solve. One reason that world hunger is so hard to solve is because of immigration. When food becomes scarce in a country, most of the time rather than solving the issue, people, especially the men age 20-40 which make up most of the working class, end up immigrating to nearby countries, often Europe, and wire money back to their families back in the hunger-stricken countries. This has happened all over the world, especially in northern Africa. For example, Libya and Algeria, since the food shortages there has been mass migration to Europe, which not only causes big economic problems for Europe, but also for their native countries. The reason for this is because the main industries of these third world countries is often agriculture, as the richer countries usually export more technology, and to cultivate agriculture you need a big work force of healthy individuals. Therefore, when they leave their native countries because they want to provide more for their families, they are in fact just ruining their own countries more, as there are not enough people to fill the jobs, which means less agriculture is cultivated, which in turn means less vegetables, fruit, etc. is exported which gives less money to their governments. Overall if we want to solve world hunger I think we need to provide them education, jobs, and skills to these people; then they can have the choice to help their own countries rather than leaving, and trying to find a better resources elsewhere. Could such a step help relieve the cycle of hunger and poverty?

Nino Ramirez Expert From Screenagers

Twitter: @ninoramirez

Nino Ramirez is a director of brain research at the Seattle’s Children Hospital. He is a leading scientist, who focuses on how spending a good deal of time on a screen can negatively but also positively affect your memory, as well as your learning. It is very important to have a neuroscientist on a movie such as Screenagers because he is able to give accurate data as to what the effects of screens are on a child’s developing brain. Also, he can explain why we need to stop using our phones so much, and show us what can eventually happen when we overwhelm our brains with our too much screen time. 

Effects of Plastic in The Ocean

The most important issue I chose is ocean pollution. The oceans are a huge component in human life, for providing a steady food source for communities around the world, and because of its oxygen making properties. Around 70% of the oxygen that we breath is produced by marine plants. We have been slowly destroying the ocean by overfishing, ocean acidification, and plastic waste. I think it is sad that people don’t realize how they are negatively impacting the ocean, and how they see it as unimportant to human sustenance. Just in one year, 2.2 billion tons of plastic was dumped into the ocean, and this hurts the oceanic ecosystems because it blocks out sunlight for plants, are a hazard for fish, and can throw off the animal populations. Overall ocean pollution is a very important issue because it does not just affect the ocean, but the environment, land animals, and humans, thus need to take key steps in stopping the acidification, and pollution of the ocean.

Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, hiding in the middle of plastic garbage.


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