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Understanding Freedom in the Revolutionary War

Deborah squash was the slave of the former U.S. president George Washington. Deborah and her husband worked very hard while being enslaved by Washington and eventually escaped and ran away. She got onto a British ship and this caused a stir back at the plantation. Washington’s cousin, Lund, was furious at the fact they escaped and decided to pursue the slaves. He offered supplies in exchange for the return of the slaves and the British took the supplies and refused to give up the slaves. This is because they were the United states’ enemies at the time so why would they help the US. Word spread quickly about Washington’s cousin helping the enemy and Washington was furious and said his cousins’ actions were “exceedingly ill-judged.” Deborah then made her way to New York where she hoped to get her freedom from the British.


Wallkill Soldier monument

   One significant historical monument where I live is called the Wallkill Soldier’s Monument. The statue is enormous and stands on a 15-foot base and is 7 feet in itself. It portrays a soldier wearing a cap, knee-length overcoat with a cape. He stands upright, holding his rifle vertically with his left hand over his right. It was made in September of 1879 by O.E. Owen. The town dedicated this statue in 1879 to give the soldiers of the civil war that lived in the town of Wallkill a monument. They hold a memorial every year where many military members and family of military members come out to honor all of our fallen heroes. It then got moved to Middletown in 1894. There are not many monuments in Middletown that help honor our fallen troops.

    When hearing that the town of Middletown wants to take down the Wallkill soldier, I was shocked. The statue is to commemorate and honor the fallen soldiers from Wallkill that fought for us during the civil war.

This statue represents the respect we have for our fallen troops that gave their lives to help fight for what they felt was right. Putting this statue up in remembrance of them was a very honorable action. We still use this statue to host many events to honor the troops annually, and the town will be very disappointed if it removed.