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The definition of an innovative thinker (James Dyson, PBL)

An innovative person does not need to be wealthy; instead, an innovative person is someone who thinks and behave differently from other people. Many innovative people’s projects start with limited or no support from the people around them, but eventually, they will surprise everyone with what they have accomplished. James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, is one of the innovative people. Two of the critical values from his podcast is about resistance and mistakes. When James Dyson starts to create the first generation of the Dyson Vacuum, people think he is crazy because big companies already dominate the market. However, James Dyson does not give up on his project even he has to borrow money to sustain his life. The second value that shows James Dyson is an innovative thinker is how he reflects himself after he makes a mistake. He says that making mistakes is not the end of world; instead it is a great chance to learn from the mistake and improve. Being able to reflect and revise on the mistakes will bring the project into a higher level.

Questions about the podcast

(Time 8:00-9:00)

It is mentioned that after finishing the design, James’s boss also asks James Dyson to do the selling process, a new field for James Dyson. Why is this important for his future startup of his own brand

(Time 18:00-19:00)

As people around him thinks he is stupid to compete with those giant vacuum cleaner companies, what opportunity does James sees that insists him to develop his own vacuum cleaner?

(Time 19:00-20:00)

Why James thinks that being kicked out from his own company is a great thing? And what is the biggest problem he is facing after being kicked out form his own company.

(Time 21:00)

At the start of James’s company, he has to borrow money to support his project. However, these cannot stop him from working on his vacuum cleaner. What is an important characteristic of a good entrepreneur that can be found on his? And how this characteristic will help you in your project base learning?

(Time 37:00-38:00)

When he talks about mistakes, why dose he mention that mistakes are great?

(Time 38:00-40:00)

James Dyson has grown from someone who owns nothing into a billionaire. What separates him from the people around him?