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How Important is Optimism in Innovative Work?

I think that this podcast demonstrates great innovative thinking because it uses one of the ingredient of the four instructional goals, and that is collaborative. This podcast uses that because it is the story of how two brothers found their way together to make a business. While they had challenge growing up and had different aspirations in life, in the end they worked together to create a positive company. The brothers optimism is the backbone to their company.

  1. (time: 6;00) What big change made the brothers look at life differently? 
  2. (time; 9:30) Had the brothers thought about getting into business prior? Which brother was into what areas of work?
  3. (time; 11:40) What made them think about starting their business? Any type of influence?
  4. (time; 33:00) How did they come up with some of their pictures? What inspired it?
  5. (time; 37:00) What conditions were they willing to put up with in order to spend less money?