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Airbnb – Nobody believed in the founder idea, resulting into powerful perseverance

I believe that Joe Gebbia’s personal story contains unique innovative thinking because nobody believed in his idea at first. More specifically, people back then thought to sleep in a stranger’s bedroom, thus using their kitchen and bathroom was an unbelievable idea. However, thanks to his perseverance, his innovative idea led to one of the well-known traveling experiences in the world today. Throughout the story, the founder used different innovative thinking skills to achieve his goals. For instance, he talked about saving the white blank book that was being thrown away at the library and using it as an idea book. By the end of his year in college, he used innovative thinking and established 2000 books full of creative ideas. These books were gathered in the garage, where all of his innovative ideas were stored. As of result, one of his innovative ideas that has been created from the book led to the greatest success in his company. Despite everything, I enjoyed listening to his story and how the founder’s innovative thinking led to his achievement. #HowIBuiltThis #PennPBL #JoeGebbia #Airbnb

  1. The founder has worked on many ideas and he says that majority of them were bad or undeveloped. What did he learn through this process? What did he keep doing instead of giving up?
  2. The founder mentions about the white blank book near the trash can in the library. What did he ask the librarian and what did he do with the blank books? What kind of thinking is he using there?
  3. Throughout the process, the founder has faced some several failures. After regrouping and trying for the fourth time, the company successfully increased. What did the founder do that led to the click moment where the the numbers flopped and began congregating the customers?
  4. What does the founder do when he is in an uncomfortable situation? In the podcast, he talks about how uncomfortableness brings out an engagement. What examples did he provide and why do you think this was so important to him?
  5. The founder checks his email one last time before going to bed and sees “Help” in bold with twelve explanation mark from the couples vising San Francisco. What does he specifically do immediately after reading the email? What thinking led to his action and how did this help the couple?