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How Can Perry Chen’s Story Kickstart #PBL?

The host of How I Built This Podcast series, Guy Raz.

On Dec. 31st 2018, Guy Raz released an interview with Perry Chen, the co-founder of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is an online fundraising platform for people to donate to projects that they like. Kickstarter became popular soon after the release. The interview with Perry Chen revealed the story behind the founding of Kickstarter.

NXNEi - Day 2 - Perry Chen,
Perry Chen, cofounder of Kickstarter.

Fifteen years ago, Perry Chen had no idea that he would start a technology company. He was a musician who liked to go to music festivals, and it was at such an event when the idea of Kickstarter came into his mind: “why can’t people get funded for their projects from people who support them?” While he hesitated to stick to this idea at first, he restarted his idea when he moved to New York and introduced this insight to people he met there. Sharing new iterations of his idea with different thinkers in New York helped him even further. While he had no network for funding or financial support, he began to think of ways to create and run the product. Finally, he found his two co-founders who kickstarted the innovation of Kickstarter. He was not afraid of the unknown, and he was willing to learn the required technology to build his service. He was a patient learner, and it took them three years for to develop the product. As Kickstarted gradually got popular, Perry Chen and his team continued to reflect and incorporate feedback into improved iterations. Perry Chen then shared his story about how he decided to strengthen the review process for some prototypes because he saw that companies were using the platform to sell their product instead of fundraising. 

Four goals for Project based learning.
  1. How did Perry Chen started to come up with the idea of Kickstarter? Did Perry Chen immediately put his idea into action? What made him hesitated to start his idea? What does he think he is lacking before he moved to New York? (7:00)
  2. When did the idea come back to him? What is the major reason that Perry cannot pursue his idea in New Orleans? What did it show that is important in starting a new idea that a person do not know a lot about? 
  3. Why did the three cofounders persistently work for three years? Why did they like the idea and continued to collaborate on working on the project for so long? Does it show the collaborative value of the group? (16:50)
  4. Why decision did Perry makes towards some companies that make gadgets and prototypes of their new product and use the platform as a selling platform. How do you think it shows the iterative process in this decision? (29:00)
  5. Overall, did the interview of Perry Chen show the four goals of Project-based learning? Give some examples and explain how it helps you in Project-Based Learning?