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Let’s Realize & Learn More About Divergent Thinking!

Do you see how one thing these two thinkers have in common about explaining divergent thinking involves school? With that in mind, let’s leave behind your school brain and enjoy this moment to foster a new cognitive skill that helps with creative problem solving. So we will add another step of divergent thinking so that you might incorporate this cognitive awareness and develop a creative disposition more deeply in your thinking. In other words, how can you apply this learning to our work in our #PBL classroom? Interestingly, this type of thinking may help you navigate your future challenges in your college courses and future careers.

For homework, have fun viewing both videos. Then create a paragraph (7-10 sentences) and reflect on one of these thinkers (or both) and locate a specific moment in a movie, show (your favorite Netflix series), book, or drama where a character exhibits divergent thinking. Composing thoughtful sentences of Standard English, explain briefly the character’s personality and situation in the work and explicate how this one specific scene captures this “out of the blue” (Claxton) thinking that enables the character to move forward with this new idea, new thought process, or new mindset. This is an opinion-based prompt that simply requires you to support your claim with support from your selected text. By all means include any links in your final submission to Schoology if they will help the general reader.