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Stop Drinking and Driving!

How can we stop people from drinking and driving after a few drinks out with friends, co-workers, or family? Drunk driving is extremely prominent within our generation because currently we are in the early stages of driving. In driver’s education, we learned briefly about substance abuse relating towards driving, but we did not learn the effects it has on others. When someone decides to drink and drive, it not only puts themselves at risk but everyone else around them. People fail to recognize this problem, and it is easy to forget. Interestingly, the only time people understand the importance of not drinking and driving is when this issue personally affects them. Consequently, tragedy starts with a poor decision that can end up resulting in death. Drunk driving is our class’ strongest topic because this is the time teenagers are experimenting with alcohol, and our generation needs to be more aware in stopping teenagers from driving afterwards. Ultimately, teenagers need to understand the importance of not drinking and driving or it will continue to be a problem. Therefore, teenagers need a broader awareness understanding on what drunk driving really means and how it affects others. 


Tragedy within the younger generations