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Barbara Ann Corcoran: The Real Estate Mogul

Barbara Ann Corcoran’s story is the classic story of the American Dream. Growing up in Edgewater, New Jersey her father was a printing-press foreman and her mother was a house wife. After graduating high school with barely passing marks she enrolled in St. Thomas Aquinas College and graduated in 1971. Two years later she began the first female owned real estate firm in New York City with a 1000$ loan in 1973. Using her charisma and charm she dominated the real estate market and had many years of great success. She then sold the firm for 66 million dollars in 2006. Since then she has become a well-known T.V. personality. She has regularly appeared on many shows such as ABC’s Shark Tank and NBC’s Today show.


  1. With barely passing marks how did she become such a massive success?
  2. Does getting good grades in school always lead to success in later life?
  3. How did she overcome the sexism that was built into the business culture at the time?
  4. How was she able to compete with already well-established companies with a small loan of 1000$?
  5. How did she transform herself from a retail mogul to a T.V personality so well and so quickly?