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Understanding, Recognizing, and Coping with Mental Illness

What is mental illness? Many of people fail to pose this question and therefore are unable to recognize the significance of mental illness. Mental illness is a disease that changes one’s thoughts or behavior in life’s ordinary routines. 

How can one recognize they need help? It is important to pay attention to one’s sudden changes in thoughts or behaviors. Some symptoms may include: confused thinking, feelings of extreme highs and lows, and suicidal thoughts. 

How to cope day-to-day? If your struggling with mental illness you have to establish a support system, seek counseling, and handle or accept your unusual behavior. 

Why is this so important within today’s generation? Nearly 1 in 7 kids and teens have a mental health condition and often goes untreated. Our generation can make a difference and help aid curing mental health. We can help create a strong support system for those struggling. We can help create an environment where kids feel comfortable talking through their emotions and feelings. I see this as something that’s giving back to our community because there are students at Suffield Academy who are struggling and need support. Suffield Academy offers a strong support system but typically through teachers’ guidance. What if students met with other students to help guide them through their experience at Suffield? I firmly believe this topic is extremely relevant to our community, and we can make an impact by spreading awareness, showing others how to cope with mental illness, and recognizing who needs help!  

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Self Esteem and Body Image

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and social media apps that are based around pictures has created a problem within our society. Everyday people post pictures to share what they choose. Teens in our world struggle to find confidence in themselves if they are insecure about their body or if they just think they are not up to average compared to everyone else. This problem is historically seen in girls involved in social media than guys. Technology has made teens put their life on social media and want to “show off” their best qualities. Having low self esteem can lead to depression, eating disorders, or trauma. This problem is not heard about so often due to the fact people do not want to share what they don’t like about themselves. As our society continues to develop around technology and social media this problem is guaranteed to become relevant. Social media almost “evaluates” people who make accounts and it gives them a virtual first impression of a person, even if you have not met them before. This is a difficulty children go through when continuously looking at themselves and everyone else within the social media app. When reading an article on, a study had found that kids around age 13, kids with higher posts, tend to look more negatively about themselves. Young kids see unrealistic images over social media which creates unrealistic standards in their heads. This problem is partially due to what people see online, everyday. I hope this problem can become to the attention of parents/adults before it is one we cannot fix.

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