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Launching #PBL Podcast: Modeling Skills & Appreciating PD Down the Hall

My #StudentCenteredPBL project-based learning Students are creating individual podcasts, and producing a podcast from scratch does require brainstorming, drafting, reflecting, revising, and finally follow through with the technology steps in order to finish the audio project in GarageBand or similar software. The following conversation captured in our Beta podcast has been ongoing here at our school because we know that the best professional development is down the hall. Breaking into small professional learning communities (#PLC), my colleagues and I have been working on a whole range of PD topics. I am fortunate to work with others who want to learn more about being facilitators of great #PBL. Our #PBL group have been utilizing a recent publication that distills the robust elements of this program. Click here to read it on the PDK International webpage. I have been able to use this article to share the methods that I am learning more carefully because I am currently enrolled in the certificate program. In this podcast Beth and I are discussing the four goals outlined by the University of Pennsylvania GSE Project-Based Learning program. While we are discussing a launch of a project, our conversation refers to the four aspects of learning that should occur in order to scaffold consistently deeper learning opportunities. This great conversation also evolved into a great model for my students who are working on their own podcast. Stay tuned for those projects. Click here to learn more about the #PennPBL certificate program:

Big shout out to the website: I featured the following music, “Hard Boiled,” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Technology pushing people out of work.

The high speed of improvement in technology is one of the biggest concerns for the young generations who need to find a job. The fast-developing technology is now taking up huge populations of the people in factory lines and even in the food store counters. Smartphones, Smart TV’s, auto-piloting car, and even drone deliveries the world now has been hugely co-operating with the highly advanced technology and automation reliant. It is true that the technology is developed enough to help humans but in some parts, it is very easily accessible and does not cost much in the long run in jobs. For example, a lot of fast food restaurants are changing their cashiers to an electronic touch screen where they can order and pay their menu manually from a touchscreen. This automation in franchise industries may help to keep the line of making margin with the increased minimum wage that each store has to deal with. However, the irony of the technology taking over humans space in workspaces is now putting people in danger on their life supporting jobs.