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Technology pushing people out of work.

The high speed of improvement in technology is one of the biggest concerns for the young generations who need to find a job. The fast-developing technology is now taking up huge populations of the people in factory lines and even in the food store counters. Smartphones, Smart TV’s, auto-piloting car, and even drone deliveries the world now has been hugely co-operating with the highly advanced technology and automation reliant. It is true that the technology is developed enough to help humans but in some parts, it is very easily accessible and does not cost much in the long run in jobs. For example, a lot of fast food restaurants are changing their cashiers to an electronic touch screen where they can order and pay their menu manually from a touchscreen. This automation in franchise industries may help to keep the line of making margin with the increased minimum wage that each store has to deal with. However, the irony of the technology taking over humans space in workspaces is now putting people in danger on their life supporting jobs.