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Why Teens Deserve More Credit for Their Humanity

Laura Kastner, one of the biggest influences in Screenagers explains why teens are not as bad as we make them out to be in her TedTalk “Why Teens Deserve More Credit for Their Humanity”. In Screenagers it is harder for the viewer to see her point of view because her side is highlighted as much. Dr. Kastner explains that teens have always been targeted as trouble makes even as much as 20-30 years ago. Dr. Kastner takes the science route to explain how teens are not to blame. She goes from talking about the science to the social media aspect of how teens are affected. Her main point is that parents tend to stress out and always think of the worst that could happen when it comes to teens, whenever they are in a situation that the parents are worried about. When people hear about teens in the news doing something that affects the community in a positive way,  they become overwhelmed. The reality is that teens are constantly acting in a positive way to help the community. ” Parents don’t have access to the goodness that teens show all day, if only”. This is the strongest line that Dr. Kastner states which sums up her studies of the past years.

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What Can a TED Talk Do for a Young Person’s Idea?

Our #StudentCentered #PBL class was unpacking the complex topic of Ocean Pollution, and towards the close of academic period, the class came to a consensus that we should view this TED Talk as part of our homework. That conversation was interesting and fun because Boyan’s talk here was recorded when he was a teenager in high school. Let’s have everyone view this tonight and make a brief comment (2-3 sentences) in Standard English. What about this TED Talk do you find inspiring? Or write a comment about the specific moment where you feel that Boyan relates to his audience with words or images or both. Check out the email folder for other written homework.