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Propaganda and Where It Was Placed

Propaganda was widely used during World War I, and helped aid a United States victory in the war. Propaganda was important on the home front, and helping out the war effort. In order for people to see propaganda and get the most out of it, the creators of the propaganda posted the posters in strategic locations. These strategic locations are not only important, but they were fairly popular places, in which, a lot of people can view the posters. Also, the propaganda creators displayed the posters in certain areas to attract a certain crowd and to get a certain reaction from each gender. For instance, the army wanted to enlist women, so they posted empowering propaganda posters for women to join the work force on the Homefront in salons, grocery stores, and other places women commonly go to.

Propaganda was a major key in the success of home front and victory in WorldWar I. Any sort of shop and area that was normally crowded was the ideal spot for a poster. The poster would touch thousands, if not millions of people, and it got a lot of different genders and ethnicities to join the war effort. I am planning to find a photo of shops and streets with propaganda posters, and I will do so by consulting an expert and using twitter as a network skill.



Conservation and Canning?

After continued research, on victory gardens and the conservation of foods, I came across a news article from 1917. The headline read “WOMEN ENCOURAGED TO HOARD FOOD”. As part of the war effort, the United States began partaking in weekly movements like meatless Mondays, and Wheatless Wednesdays. Life on the home front became more minimalistic, and the preservation of produce and other perishable items turned a full 180 degrees when Americans began to can products.

Advertisement in The Sphere, 23 March 1918

Above, is an advertisement for sugar boxes, designed to fit in a purse or handbag, so that sugar could be saved at restaurants primary in 1918.

For those of whom that knew how to can, they were encouraged to teach others and the idea of preservation went full swing from there. When talking about the war movement, and support on the home front, you don’t have to look much further than our own borders in the United States. Relating back to my first hot log, that spoke about economical landscape, and the change in production, it can be noticed that these two logs are more connected than maybe first expected. However, when thinking about total war support, it really starts with the essentials to life… food.


above is a propaganda poster  supporting the idea of victory gardens



You’ve Got Mail

How I Built This: AOL [Steve Case] PODCAST


The creator of the American Online Inc. [AOL], Steve Case, sits down with Guy Raz to discuss how he created the first American Online social media network. AOL was created to connect users to one another over the Internet by means of email and instant messaging. This invention in the mid-80s shocked the US and became an instant sensation with users across the nation.


(5:00) A large part of PBL is learning from failure; many great innovators succeed after going through consistent failures. How did Steve Case fail during his first stint with a marketing company?


(6:20) As a millennial, It is hard to imagine life without connection to the Internet. Before AOL started, how many people were actually connected to the Internet and what was the average amount of time spent per week on the Internet?


(9:00) As this new addition to the Internet is being discussed, music begins to play in the background. Why do you think this music is being played and how does it make you feel?


(18:00) Why did Steve Case use the term “You’ve Got Mail” to symbolize the notification of when a user received a message from a different user?

Project Based Learning Fundamentals

Watch “Project Based Learning: Explained” by Zoe McClay-

If you do not understand the basis of project based learning, this short video will help explain to you the successful way of learning through a project based classroom environment.


(Video 0:24) Most adults live in a world of what? What are 3 examples of problems which adults face?

(Video 1:17) Claire’s success with her challenge to create an all-natural soap was established with what 3 processes? Where were these processes not usually taught?

(Video 2:02) What was one project throughout your past school careers (whether it was elementary school, high school, or even summer school, doesn’t matter) where you were a part of an assignment where you used a project-based learning style?

(Video 2:35) After Mr. Simmons divided his students into groups, what were the 5 fundamentals the students used to do their project?

After watching this video, how does this project based learning compare to projects and assignments you are currently being completing in a typical classroom? Which learning process do you personally thin is better? Should the education process switch to a project based classroom?

Inspirational Story

How my Life Changed After 6th Grade?

It was 6th grade, and it was my second year in the Darien public school system. I was fairly new and so were my attitudes and actions. I loved basketball and I played travel A team for my old town. In 5th grade I moved to Darien, but did not make the travel team and it killed my inspiration and hopes for making the team in 6th grade. The day before try outs in 6th grade, my mother spoke and reached to me the most. She said, “Do your best and work hard, if you do not make it then you will make it next year because you will work harder for it and want it more.” This saying resonated with me and changed my attitude towards the try outs. After the try outs I felt pretty confident I would make the team, and in a few days everything was about to change.

It was the day of the releasement of the teams for travel basketball. I was nervous, but also confident that I would make it. My parents and friends were almost positive I would make the team, and supported me throughout the process. When the decision came, I found out to my shock that I did not make the team. This devastated me and made me want to quit the game altogether. My parents saw how hurt I was, and knew exactly how to make me feel better. They whipped me up some chocolate chip pancakes, and then we had a deep and inspirational talk.

My parents encouraged me to keep playing and to always keep my head up. They drived me to work harder and be more determined for any goal that I set forward. My parents also told me to keep a positive attitude and congratulate those of my friends who did make the team. I did just that and a week later I was rewarded. A kid from the travel team ended up quitting, and that’s when I got my chance to play and change everything. I was allowed on the team and ended up having a great year thanks to the advice of my parents. This kept me humble and a hard worker. I could never thank my parents enough and this has helped me in the project based learning class environment.

The learning class environment is perfect for individual growth as well as class growth. I feel like my positive attitude and hardworking and determined mind set helps feed to a project based learning class, and not only helps me grow, but the class as well. I think this style of class is amazing, and something that needs to be more instituted nationwide.