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The Earth’s Limit on Water

The world needs water to survive and Earth is the only water planet. In other words, if our planet runs out of water, then there is no more water to use and no life. This is a problem for today’s generations and future generations because once water becomes scarcer, then it becomes more expensive and harder to get. Water is used for many different reasons: drinking, agriculture, pools, preparing food, hygienic, etc. The Global Water Partnership article gives people the statistics on the amount of eater that is used for these reasons. This information awareness can help people limit their use of water and become more mindful of their consumptions of water.  However, another important use that us humans have used water for is transportation of humans (using a boat to get across water), food, and other products. Suffield Academy uses a good deal of water each day for many different purposes: students take long showers, cleaning the dishes in the dining hall, washing jerseys, etc. Suffield Academy could help our planet by making people more aware of our water user and even try to cut back on it. Every person relates to at least one of these activities because it is basic human nature and drinking is a necessity. The United States Environmental Protection Agency article helps gives some tips on how to save water at schools. This could be a start for Suffield Academy to limit their water usage. As water is slowly evaporating and being used causes many problems for future generations.


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This picture illustrates where the liters of water are used, which can help people cut back from their use of water in one of the areas and aid people become more aware of water use.

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