Student-Centered #PBL

Student-Centered Project-Based Learning, Mr. Sullivan A Period, 2018-19

Project-Based Learning courses celebrate the idea that students learn more deeply when they are engaged in an authentic learning task that requires them to share what they learn and show how they learned it. Combining that educational philosophy with an entrepreneurial mindset, this new course will go a step further and present students the opportunity to create meaningful project(s) that will benefit Suffield Academy’s learning community. Students will study other school models and authentic innovators who find ways to solve global and complex problems in specific, local places. Then, the course will scaffold Project-Based Learning skills throughout each phase of the project’s production, which will provide students the opportunity to create deep, meaningful learning experiences. Overall, the course aims to have students realize through this agency the Buck Institute’s insight that “Project-Based Learning (PBL) prepares students for academic, personal, and career success, and readies young people to rise to the challenges of their lives and the world they will inherit” (