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Research Log – Oliver Hanchett

With limited information gained from various sources about Oliver Hanchett, we seek for more information about his life and experiences to aid our investigation on Exeter’s case.

We then decided to find sources and records in the Connecticut Library, but I ran into some difficulty and questions.

I faced some issues while researching about our key figure – Oliver Hachett on the CT Library website. First is the fact that I cannot find a Hartford county database on this page and the information here is very limited. Does that mean We have to access physically to some sources in the library?Log 1

Losing hope in the individual database search on state archives, I went to the page of archives search, I couldn’t find Hachett’s family, is there any other source I could go and find information.Log 2

So far, we have found Oliver Hanchett’s name on multiple documents in this page, include “Crime and misdemeanors”, “Militia”, we are wondering if there is any more places he could be in and if there is any more records that is more detailed in your physical data base.

Log 3