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The Boston Committee of Correspondence

My English class and I are researching freedom and slavery in 1774 in our town of Suffield, Connecticut. We have been working hard to tell the “untold” history of 1774. For over two months all of the thirteen students in our class were going in different directions on behalf of the same question: What happened after the Boston Tea Party?

In order to understand our very specific question, we have to know a big picture, that is why I decided to go ahead and look for what led to the Boston tea Party.

I have been working with the New York Public Library for almost a month and with NYPL cooperation I was able to find a lot of information on the Boston Committee of Correspondence.


The Boston Committee of Correspondence was formed in 1772  on the verge on the American Revolution by Samuel Adams in response to the British government’s decision to pay the governors and making them and America fully dependent on the crown. Adams and other leaders wrote all the colonists’ rights and proposals and sent them to other Massachusetts’ towns in order to get approval, advice and support. Similar committees were formed in other colonies in America, including New York, making this a strong network that helped communication across the thirteen colonies in order to gain independence from Great Britain.

Forming the Boston Committee of Correspondence was the first step against the British Crown.

The committees were responsible for the atmosphere in the Colonial America on a particular issue or law. Most of the correspondents were members were active in Sons of Liberty organizations. The committees lasted for twelve years, 1772-1784.









Remembering Sons of Liberty


Sons of liberty

I am currently enrolled in a Project Base Learning class. We are going to learn about what happened in Suffield, Connecticut, during 1774, specifically regarding the topics of freedom and slavery. We created a blog to share what we learned about our town’s history. My first topic was The Boston Tea Party. My role in the group was to find the essential background information, including where and when the event occurred and most importantly, why this is special about this event. when I dug deeper in that topic, I found that Sons of Liberty had a huge role in this events, so my second HOT Log is about the Son of Liberty.

The Sons of Liberty was an underground organization, and some people argue that they created the thirteen colonies. This organization was created in order to protect the colonies’ rights. The first major role was played in 1765 during the Stamp Act. And other well known event for Son of Liberty is Boston Tea party. Before this tea party event happened, the underground corporation gathered at their meeting place, known as the liberty tree. After their meeting they planned to dress as a native American and sneak in to the East Indian Tea company and threw the tea into the harbor.

In the Sons of liberty organization, I learned that Sons of Liberty fought for the colonies right. So during the Boston Tea Party, they dressed as native American and sneaked in to the East Indian Company ships and threw the tea into the ocean. This event created tensions among the residents grew and a violent protest began.

Once I dug deeper in the Boston Tea Party, I found out that The Sons of Liberty party a huge role in Boston Tea Party and in what ways does Sons of Liberty impact Boston Tea Party. This protest inspired other colonies to support the Sons of liberty. This organization quickly grew. We will try to learn if the Sons of liberty had an effect on the residents of Suffield. Was this an inspiration of freedom for them? This project requires many different kinds of skills. First, a skill that is required is a researching skill. Then, I have to read many articles about Boston Tea Party and process a good deal information; however, I have to use maturity and wisdom to observe which information is biased and unbiased. The other skill that I have to work on is networking. Since my topic plays a significant role on background information to our public presentation, I have built a fact-based collection of information to share with my classmates so that their sources are trustworthy. One of the best ways to find out about the factual-base information is to contact the history or someone who have an easy access to the information. In my case, I will contact the Massachusetts library by tweeting or emailing them