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How we can Help our future

Teens and millennials in today’s world face numerous issues but one the biggest issues they face is depression. In today’s fast-moving world social media plays a big part in the life of millennials. Since millennials spend large amounts of time on their phones it affects the way they live their life. Millennials go on social media and see how well other people are doing, how pretty someone is, how strong someone is or even how smart someone is. This causes millennials to look down on themselves for not being as good as what they see. The reality is that nobody is ever going to stop posting just because of how it makes others feel. So, what are we going to do about it? In our PBL class we are finding a problem and a solution for adolesence. The first step is to help millennials facing this issue, and not to ignoring it. A lot of times because of social media millennials don’t admit when they are depressed but if we let them know that people are willing to help the that is the first step in the right direction.